Eye of Shegan (Syri Sheganit)

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In Albania, one can gaze or dive into a few blue eyes

When visiting Shkodra, guests and tourists get to see the beautiful lake, Buna and the Black Drin Rivers and take in the lovely waterscape and scenic sights of Malesia e Madhe area. The region has a huge historical, cultural, and natural patrimony. At least a week is needed to explore the most interesting sites in the Shkodra region. Birdwatching, sailing in Koman Lake, hiking in Theth, Vermosh, and Puka, to name but a few outdoor activities. There are museums, Rozafa Castle, historical sites, coastal villages, Velipoja beach, the lavender fields of Koplik, and so many other places waiting to be explored. Yet, one place is often forgotten. The Eye of Shegan (Syri i Sheganit) karst spring of intense blue color on the coast of Shkodra Lake is a must-visit natural phenomenon.
Known among the locals as ‘Sifoni i Virit’, the spring is located close to Kosan village in Bajza commune.
The Eye of Shegan

The water from the spring is pure and cold as if it flows from the Western Albanian Alps. Hitherto expeditions were able to reach the depth of 80 meters right were a collapsed underwater cave blocks further exploration. The spring creates a landscape of tourism and scientific values.
The Eye of Shegan makes a nice option for a lovely family day out.
How to get there: Follow Shkodra-Koplik-Ivanaj-Gashaj-Shegan itinerary.



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