Puka Paradise of Tourism and Adventure

Puka Paradise of Tourism and Adventure

As a result of radical changes, Puka has been transformed into a potential tourist destination. Famous caves nearby, mountain peaks and paths, guesthouses and good food, clean water and the purity of the fresh air are good reasons to visit the northeast, especially the town with amazing views around the Puka Lake.

It is surprising how the city appears after a winding road with pine trees, tall trees and the flourishing natural beauty. People who have never been in Puka, or others who have not visited that area for years, will surely be amazed at the transformation of the small Alpine town of Puka.

You may have heard about the guesthouses that have begun to be popular, about the famous Puka beer, which can be tasted even in Tirana. Indeed, Puka has undergone a complete facelift.

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