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Positioned to the west of Lake Shkodra, after leaving the “Buna Bridge” and taking the road to the right, Shiroka appears, one of the most special neighborhoods in the northern capital. Shiroka used to be a fishing village. The Church of Saint Rrok was built in his honor, where the day with the same name is celebrated.

While 6 km further, in the northwestern part of the Lake, there is the village of Zogaj. Since this part of the shore of the Lake is a curative place, with micro-beaches built on gravel, it has always attracted the attention of various visitors, especially the citizens of Shkodra on hot summer days.


Thanks to Shiroka, all Shkodra inhabitants  eat fish at least once a week. In the lake that waters this village, where the main activity is fishing, lives the famous carp for which Shiroka and Shkodra in general stand out. Carp casserole is the traditional dish of this area, the dish that everyone who visits the city at least once can try it.

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